July 29, 2021

4moms Breeze Plus Playard: Expert Review

4 Moms Breeze Playard: Detailed Information

4Moms Breeze may not be as popular as the other brands of pack n plays available in the market. If you look at the reviews shared by its customers, you will see mostly positive feedback, which shows its high-quality. Given the words of praise that have been shared by its users, you can be confident that such will provide a comfortable and safe space for your baby.

About the Company

Founded in March 2006, this company may not be as established as other brands within the competitive landscape. Still, it has quickly gained momentum in the market after introducing high-quality products. We know the company for their advanced robotics technology, which has led to notable advancements in their different products. All of their baby gears result from extensive research and development, promising the best not only for babies but for parents as well.

The 4Moms Breeze Plus looks sleek in black fabric.

4Moms is brand serious in its commitment to providing the public with nothing but the safest products. 4Moms is known for an array of baby products, such as infant seats, bassinets, infant tubs. The 4moms Cares program affects families and children’s lives in need through product donations, hospital discounts, and supporting local communities.

When it comes to playards, they have two available products: the 4Moms Breeze Plus and 4Moms Breeze Go. The major difference between the Go and the Plus is that the Plus has a bassinet and flip changer while the Go does not. They are a popular choice amongst parents, especially those who do not mind spending if this is tantamount to enjoying better quality.

4Moms Breeze Plus Playard Qualities


  • Includes Removable Bassinet & Flip Changer
  • Includes water-resistant mattress (for bassinet and playard)                       
  • Comfort Features
Deluxe Fabrics; Breathable mesh sides.
  • Folding Mechanism 
Smart and simple – it easily opens and closes with a single motion.
  • Built-in Organizer 


Diapers and baby wipes storage caddy is sold separately.

  • Fixed wheels
  • Travel Bag Included
  • Entertainment Features (music sounds, toy bar/mobile)
  • Weight Limit

The bassinet – from birth to 18 pounds, the flip changer – 25 pounds,

the playard until your baby reaches 30 lbs or 35″ tall, whichever comes first.

  • Product Weight

Without bassinet and changer: 23 lbs

With bassinet and changer: 28.5 lbs

  • Dimensions

43″L x 30″W x 29″H inches

  • Customer Reviews (Amazon Rating)

4.9 out of 5 stars

Why 4 Moms Breeze Playard?

User-Friendly Design: Most parents will surely appreciate the fact that this playard does not require too much effort on their end. With just a single push, the pack n play will be ready.

Compact Design: This pack n play has a compact profile, making it easy to bring when traveling.

HighQuality Fabric and Sleek Design: This is excellent because it looks not only great, but it is also easy to clean, and it offers comfort for the baby. Besides, all four sides are breathable mesh and give you full views of your little one during play or sleep.

Removable Bassinet & Detachable Flip Changer: With these added features, there is no doubt it has been given favorable feedback regarding versatility.

They are set up to be built sturdy to make sure that babies will be safe.

4Moms Breeze Plus Playard: Consumer Report

Why Did We Choose It?

It’s not a simple task to choose pieces of furniture and clothes for a newborn. You should consider a lot of nuances. And the diversity of goods for children makes the challenge even more difficult. Our choice was a little easier. When we needed to buy a playard for a 4-months-old baby, we already had a wooden crib, baby bouncer, and a dresser with a changing top. The idea of buying a pack n play suggested itself when I was planning to visit my relatives. I needed a sleeping place to put my baby into it for a rest. To meet my demands, the playard should be compact and easily used during journeys. According to these very criteria, I chose the 4 Moms Breeze.

When this wonder of human thought was delivered, I was startled. It turned up that I had got it so wrong. I thought playards were a kind of cage for a child.

Pack ’n Play includes a playpen crib combo, baby bassinet, changing table, and a bag for bearing the playpen when folded. Now I’m going to tell you about the functions which this product helps to fulfill.

Functionality Analysis

Diaper or clothing changes

A changing table usually serves this function. And it is included in the playard set. But we didn’t use it. The upper level of a playpen (baby bassinet) served as a perfect substitute for a changing table for us. It is more spacious and allows not only changing a baby’s diaper. It also can be used if you want to give your baby a massage or if you need to turn the tot on his/her belly. Along with this, being in the bassinet is safer for a baby than lying on the changing table. The reason is simple – the bassinet bumpers are higher. I have noticed how skillfully babies can plant feet against mom’s belly and ‘drive away.’

A Safe Place to Play

Starting from the birth of our baby, we had used the infant bouncer. But our little thing didn’t like it. What she was really fond of was lying on the upper level of the playpen. Sure! She could see everything from there. Plus, she had an opportunity to practice turning over on her back or belly and standing onto all fours! As soon as the baby manages to learn all these tricks, you shouldn’t leave him or her on the playpen’s top-level unsupervised. Removing the upper level is easy as pie. You can do it even while holding your baby in your arms.

When your baby has got older, it is time to go to the lower level. At first, we used it only for playing. But you won’t be able to do it for a long time. Not every child will patiently accept confined space, especially if he or she has already learned how to creep. The lower level saved the situation only for several minutes when I had to leave my baby alone for some urgent reason. I gave her a new toy and was occupied with my daily routine. Every mom knows you can do a hundred things when a child keeps silent, at least for 15-20 minutes.

One more important peculiarity of this playard is that all its corners are rounded. Besides, its inner corners are soft. Playpen mesh is of perfect quality. And it is safe for little kids, even if they will nibble and suck it with the whole strength.


When our baby managed to learn how to turn over on her back or belly and standing on her knees, we had problems with the night sleep. She turned over while sleeping and accidentally bumped the crib’s wooden rails where she had been sleeping from her birth. By doing this, she woke herself up. Sometimes she was crawling and bumped up against the wooden rails. Though we had cradle bumpers made of fabric, they didn’t always help. And then I decided to put her into the playard for sleeping. And it did the thing! There is more space in the 4Moms Breeze than in the crib. If the baby’s hand accidentally touches the bumper while sleeping, no noise will be produced. As a result, my baby slept much calmer.

The fabric of the mattress doesn’t absorb moisture. It gathers on the surface as drops. You can just wipe them. The mattress doesn’t sag in the middle and doesn’t bunch. It is quite stiff, but at the same time, it is really thin.  Now the 4Moms Breeze set includes a 2-in-1 mattress. You can convert the bassinet mattress to a playard mattress with 2 easy zips.

Traveling with a Baby

Folding and unfolding this playard is sheer pleasure! You will do it as skillfully as they do it in the video presentation. It is not rare that a shop-assistant handles the product he/she sells easily. But in actual life, it turns out to be torture. 4 Moms Breeze fulfills its promise of true one-handed set-up!

You can easily move the Breeze from one place to the other. The task is easily coped with due to small wheels in the bottom. The playard can be removed into the other room in a couple of seconds. For this purpose, it should be folded and unfolded. Being unfolded, this playpen is too big to come through the standard doorway.

In short, it is unnecessary to buy a crib, a baby bassinet, and a changing table. You can buy a 4Moms Breeze, and that will be enough! Such a playard can cut costs by one third and also safe space in the flat!

What I liked about 4 Moms Breeze

  • It opens and closes effortlessly with one push. It can be taken along while traveling.
  • The design is modern, functional, and stylish.
  • Durability and reliability of the framework. Additional support in the center makes it more stable and prevents a turnover.
  • Multifunctional use. The set includes a baby bassinet, changing table, playpen crib combo.
  • The best size. The size of the 4Moms Breeze is bigger compared to a lot of other playard. Thus a tot will have a comfortable and spacious place for his/her games.

What I didn’t like About 4 Moms Breeze

  • Synthetic mattress. I believe that 4Moms goods are totally safe. But I can’t say that this mattress meets my expectations. When a mattress for a crib is being bought, there is a vast choice of variants. It can be an organic mattress or any other bedding which suits your taste and budget. Here, you don’t have any choice. The same problem is with sheets for this mattress. The Breeze mattress demands special sheets. They are sold separately. These sheets are waterproof. They are not comfortable in use when the baby often spits up. Some people advise buying a sheet for a mini-crib and remake it a little to be suitable for the Breeze mattress. It is also acceptable to use a mattress with your baby without sheets.
  • No diaper organizer, side pocket, wipes holder. Diapers and baby wipes storage caddy is sold separately. 

Surely, the 4Moms Breeze has certain shortcomings. But despite them, I was satisfied with this wonderful product.

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