December 5, 2020

Baby Hanging Cradle: is Ancestors’ Wisdom Justified?

The times when babies were lulled in a hanging cradle seemed to have passed. A lot of contemporary parents are scared of this suspended crib or do not understand it at all. But some moms choose the hanging bassinet of all others. Why do they do so? Let’s get down to details.

First of all, it is worth mentioning that any cradle – whether it is suspended or not – should meet 100% safety demands. Before buying the product, get an insight into its characteristics. You should find out more details about the materials it is made of, the cradle’s durability, parents’ reviews about it, certificates that prove the quality.

A springy mattress should be put into a baby’s sleeping place. Pillows, blankets, soft toys are not recommended for newborns.

I know that many future parents are worried about the baby’s safety in a suspended crib. But I also know moms who have used hanging cradles and are satisfied with them.

A responsible approach to choosing and using a hanging cradle and its reliable fixing make the cradle a safe and comfortable kind of a baby crib.

What’s so Special About a Baby Hanging Cradle?


There is an opinion that it is easier for a baby to adapt to Earth’s gravity in such a cradle. As a result, muscle clenches are reduced, the vision system stabilizes faster; the nervous system improves its functioning.

Lulling a child in a suspended bassinet is similar to swaying in a mom’s belly while walking. That is why being in a cradle is more natural for a baby after prenatal development.

Moms who have used hanging cradles note the following:

  • The sleeping area in such a cradle is not too big. Thus a baby feels comfortable and cozy in his cradle.
  • Sound sleep. Babies sleep better in a cradle than in a crib. They act up not so often and eat more willingly during breast-feeding.
  • The small size of a bedding set and crib bumpers. The process of washing becomes easier for a mom if the bedding becomes dirty all of a sudden.
  • When suspended, the cradle doesn’t occupy the floor area. You can vacuum and wash the floor in your bedroom as usual.
  • You can unhook the cradle and hang it in another place. It is a great advantage if there are many rooms in your house or if you have your yard.
  • The freshness of the idea and identity.
  • Your pet won’t get into the suspended crib.
  • A suspended cradle can be easily reached from any side. Only one movement is enough for a cradle to wiggle for 3 or 5 minutes. It is quite convenient, especially if your baby has become sad in the daytime. While the cradle is wiggling, the tot will be examining the room with much curiosity. And if you fix a bright item to the hanging cradle, the baby’s attention will be focused on it, and he/she will try to reach it. At this time, mom can start doing a cleaning, for instance. Or she can relax while reading a book. A hanging crib is also helpful at night. If the newborn is hungry, you will have to get up for sure. But if your tot has had a bad dream, you won’t need to get out of bed to lull him/her. Swing the baby cradle with your hand will be enough. Moreover, the slight wigging amplitude is given to the hanging cradle by the tot him/herself when the baby moves hands and legs.


Such a hanging crib has a significant minus. Its main disadvantage is the limited service life. The crib can be used up to 2-3 years. But the hanging cradle should be exploited until there appears a risk that a baby can fall out of the cradle. Every child develops in his/her tempo. My daughter was trying to sit up at the age of 4 months. So by the age of 5 months, we moved her to the crib. If your tot is not that active, you can use the suspended cradle for up to 6-9 months. This point is quite individual.

Hussh Hanging Cradle Flex

This modern hanging cradle has additional mobility functions. It has firm wooden legs. You can easily unhang it and put onto the floor at any place in the room, or you can take it outside. In terms of safety, this hanging crib is fully compliant with the European standards NEN-EN 1130.

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