June 24, 2021

Bassinet vs Crib: Choosing the Best Baby Bed

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Most of the time, the newborn baby sleeps. No matter how much you surround your child with care and affection, most of the events cause stress for the little man. Energy reserves restore only during the sleep, and the baby’s nervous system “comes to its senses” and prepares for new impressions.

Over the past 30 years, technology has moved far away. If earlier, when buying a bed, parents paid attention mainly to quality. Now, they have to consider a vast number of furniture modifications. Thinking about what to choose – crib or bassinet for the newborn- refers to this article’s materials. Here you will find full information about the types, features of baby beds, and product materials.

Beds that are best suited for newborns.

  1. Baby bassinet. This is an option for the youngest children. If you consider the choice of a bed from “what is better to choose for a newborn” and be not against in 6 months to buy new furniture, this option is the best. Thanks to the small dimensions of the bassinet, the child, not yet accustomed to large spaces, will feel comfortable and safe. The bassinet may be located separately or be attached to the parent bed. As a rule, the bassinet provides the ability to regulate the sleeping place in height. Sometimes one side can be removed. It should be considered that such a crib will be a cozy place to sleep until your baby is six months old. Then you will need to pick up something more spacious.
Chicco 2018 Next2me Chick to Chick
  1. Ordinary children’s bed (baby crib). Measuring around 28 inches by 52 inches (71 cm by 132 cm), standard cribs are considerably larger than a bassinet. This furniture is more often made of wood, painted, or covered with non-toxic varnish. The mattress on the four sides is surrounded by walls-grids, protecting the baby from falling. The front wall at such a crib usually goes down. This model is attractive for its simplicity and cost. Buying it, remember to pump the baby in it you cannot, for this you have to take it in your arms, and then again lay.
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Other types of baby beds.

  1. Rocking cradle. This type of furniture for sleep we allocate in a separate class of children’s sleepers. They differ little from classic cribs in size and appearance, but they have one significant advantage of the ability to swing thanks to the installed pendulum mechanism. The bed can wiggle after a slight jolt several cycles of inertia. This system facilitates physical activity for moms, so it competes with cradle and crib.
Baby Bassinet Cradle Includes Gentle Rocking Feature

Rocking cradles are dividing into three types:

  • Swinging along the long side of the bed. There is an imitation of swinging on the hands forward, backward. This type of movement can calm the baby and provide a quick fall asleep;
  • Swinging relative to the cross wall of the crib. This kind of “movement” from side to side creates a swing effect. It can appeal to your baby and will give a great result without much effort;
  • Cradles with a universal system. Swinging can change from longitudinal to transverse by simple shenanigans. This bed will make it easier for you to choose if you don’t already know what kind of motion sickness your baby will do better.
  1. Baby Playpen.
    Angelbliss 4 in 1 Baby Beside Sleeper Bassinet

    This type of crib is increasingly popular. If earlier children’s playpens were only a place for games, now this subject is successfully used for comfortable sleep. The design of all kinds of arenas includes skeletons and stretch “walls” of safe, airtight, almost transparent fabric. The kid, being in the playpen, “not cut off” from the outside world. He sees everything that is happening and can be near his mother, hearing her voice, watching her.

Which crib is better for a newborn whose parents are continually traveling (at least from the city apartment to the cottage)? Definitely a bed-manege. Most of these beds are easy to fold, convenient to carry. Often the playpens are equipped with a mosquito net and awning, making it possible to turn the sleeping place into a tent for games. Some models suggest the possibility of installing a bed at different heights: For the infant (high, safe only for that period until the baby starts to roll over); For a grown-up baby (with the installation of an orthopedic mattress at the bottom of the playpen).

How to Transition from a Bassinet to a Crib (video)

Some other features to consider when purchasing the bed for the baby.

  1. Material.

The cost of the product guides parents, but you should remember that all the surfaces of the crib will be tested by the child “to taste.” Therefore, we choose the best cribs for newborns, getting acquainted with the materials of manufacturing.

Furniture from the chipboard is the most economical. The chipboard class should be no lower than the E1. Such slabs should be reliably laminated on all sides, including the edge.

MDF Furniture. Fewer resins and formaldehyde are used in the production of these arrays. Also, screws in MDF sheets are held better; the crib can be disassembled and assembled several times (for example, moving). This piece of the interior will keep its elegant appearance much longer than it will need a baby. This is beneficial if you plan to have another child in the family. It is worth considering that the price of such a bed will be identical to the cost of sleeping furniture made of quality wood.

The most common option is the natural wood products. Wood is the safest raw wear-resistant material. When choosing the tree from which the furniture is made, please note that beech, oak, maple, and other deciduous breeds will be preferable. There will be fewer scratches on the details of the bed. Purchasing a bed of spruce or pine, be prepared for the appearance of grooves from nails and dents from teeth. Conifer wood is soft, so it is prone to damage.

Stokke Sleepi Beech Wood Crib

When buying a bed of wood, ask if there is a certificate for this product. It would be best to confirm that the paint and varnish used in the production are non-toxic. Water-based emulsions are considered safe.

The bed remains can be made of iron. Such an interior item is not dangerous for the baby. If you suppose that the apartments’ temperature is continually changing and depends on the central heating, choosing a material that does not cool as much as iron.

Furniture is made of plastic. In this case, you need to read the certificate carefully. Plastics can be different; some species may be unsafe. But even if the crib is made of high-quality organics, it is best to buy it as a spare (portable) option.

  1. Changing the height of the bed.

If you buy for the baby is not a cradle and a crib for at least three years, be sure to be interested in adjusting the bed’s height. It is best if it can be installed in 3 positions: the top (the height of the sides does not exceed 20 cm), for the newborn, which the mother frequently takes in her arms. This position will relieve the load on the spine and reduce the tension in the back. Average (the boards’ height is not less than 40 cm) for kids who have learned to turn over and make attempts to rise with support. Lower for children getting on their knees or their feet, holding on to the support.

  1. View of the bottom.

The baby in the crib should be comfortable; therefore, it is worth paying attention to air access and ventilation. Thus, the slatted bottom (lodge) is preferable to the rest. Putting a quality mattress in such a crib, you cannot worry about the circulation of airflow.

Now it will be easier for you to conclude what it is better to choose a crib or bassinet for the newborn. By providing a child’s comfortable sleep, you maintain his mental and physical health. Choosing a crib for your baby, focus on your needs, as well as the information collected for you in this article.

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