July 29, 2021

Finding the Best Non-Toxic High Chair: Our Experience

Your baby has grown a little and is sitting quite confidently. A new milestone of development is beginning. During this period, a high chair is the most helpful thing. It raises a baby to a higher level in all senses. Being together with parents at the common dinner table, a baby acquires regular habits. He or she forms the patterns of behavior at the dinner table and masters eating more solid food.

How We Found an Ideal Non-Toxic High Chair

We were looking for a high chair for our older daughter quite thoroughly. We had studied every piece of information and had got an insight into every article of market supply. Besides, we paid much attention to a child’s correct physiological seat position.

Which position is correct?

Okay, a correct seat position is when a child holds his or her head and body straight. The hips and knees are bent at a right angle of about 90° (degrees). Feet rest on the floor or other solid surface. The arms need to be bent at elbows, resting on the dinner table. In the image, the correct position is only for the child on the right.

Pay attention to the recommendation for a 90° knee angle. Trying to keep this rule, you will understand that not every chair provides the body’s correct position.

The second criterion of choice was the product’s safety and non-toxic properties of the materials. I don’t put my trust in plastic products. They may contain dangerous chemicals such as BPA, phthalates. Some kinds of plastics are worse than others. While choosing baby goods, you’d better avoid plastics №3 (PVC), №6 (polystyrene), and №7 (polycarbonate). Plastic №7 is made of bisphenol A (BPA).

However, there are high chairs that are made of plastic of higher quality, such as, for instance, recycled plastic. Despite this fact, I choose natural eco-friendly materials such as wood. Wooden material can also be toxic if made not from the whole timber but wood-based panel or chipboard.

The bottom line is obvious that a high-chair made of solid wood with non-toxic coverage is the safest kind of product.

After analyzing all these factors, the choice of the right variants narrowed down considerably.

Our search resulted in buying a universal Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair.

The obvious advantages of the Stokke high chair, which we have highly praised during its exploitation, are the following.

What’s Special About It

  • It’s almost invisible. Tripp Trapp occupies a little space if compared to a plastic high chair. The wooden rung, which joints the side frames of the high chair at the bottom, is placed quite comfortably. You won’t stumble over it as it may happen with other high chairs with protruding footboards. You won’t notice this high chair in your room. Besides, the seat and footrest can be pulled out, or vice versa, you can slide them in.
  • Correct seating position. The chair has a broad back with ergonomically designed tilt; the baby’s back naturally rests upon the seat’s back, providing the correct posture developing. The baby’s legs bent at a right angle. The seat and footrest are adjustable in height as the child grows.
  • Easy maintenance. Some moms complain that the exploitation of plastic high chairs demands much time to keep them in order. They have to brush the odds of the food out of the furniture junctions. We haven’t had such problems with Stokke high chair. I wipe the chair with a clean damp cloth and remove excess water with a dry cloth. The use of any detergent or microfiber cloth is not recommended.
  • It brings your baby closer to the family. A child sits at the dinner table at the same height level as the grown-ups. He or she eats, enjoying the full rights of other participants of the feast.
  • Non-toxic High Chair. Stokke is made of beech that belongs to a hard kind of wood. All the structural components undergo a perfect treatment. They are made of safe, non-toxic, and certified materials of high quality.
  • Durable. These convertible chairs almost don’t have age restrictions. You can use the chair as long as you wish. The only limitation is connected with weight. It shouldn’t be more than 242 lb. As to other respects, there are no limitations. You can sit on it the whole life.

Tripp Trapp has passed strict German testing and won several prizes. If you look into Stokke’s history, you will be surprised to know that Tripp Trapp high chair is going to celebrate its anniversary soon. This model of the chair has been produced since 1972. It has been represented on the market for almost 50 years. And I think that it hasn’t happened by accident. After all, only comfortable and practical things can boast of such a long history.

Adjustment of a High Chair for Baby Starting from 6 Months

The design of the Tripp Trapp Baby Set is very comfortable. It includes the back of the chair and the front bar. We use the chair with Baby Set for our younger child.

The cutting outs for the baby’s legs are made in that manner that does not allow him or her to get out of the high chair independently. Simultaneously, the front panel of the high chair doesn’t constrict the baby’s movements. The tot feels quite comfortable sitting in this Baby Set.

Additionally, Stokke offers the parents a safety harness. It prevents active babies from falling from the high chair.

When your child can confidently climb in and out of their chair on their own, you can remove the Baby Set.

Some Features of Seat Harness Fixing

I want to pay attention to an important point, namely, the fastening of the chair’s safety harness. Some parents make a mistake fastening the harness incorrectly. We understood that after watching several reviews on YouTube. The first two videos contained wrong information on how to attach the safety harness. We were lucky to have understood it. On the third try, we managed to find the right video. It was shot by a daddy from Japan (Stokke is also popular in that country).

So, in the wrong variant, the belts were placed in front of the seat’s back, under the tot’s back. It should be uncomfortable for the baby. The harness should be behind the back of the chair, like this:

The fasteners for the safety harness are made in the form of white semicircles. To place the harness correctly, they are to be fitted in putting together the wooden carcass. If the high chair has already been put together, it should be taken apart.

Then we fixed the pillow on the back and the seat of the chair. The pillow is made of 100% natural cotton and has waterproof covering. The next step is fitting to click two more details of the seat. That is the back of the seat and the front bar. The pillow fasteners are attached to the front bar; then, the tray is adjusted over it. The tray is easily fixed in front. But you will have to make an effort to fix it on both sides, where it is placed over the pillow.

Note. It was about the fastening of the removable harness. What is the difference?

At present, the harness is provided with and attached to the Baby Set (plus gliders) as a one accessory solution for the newly revised High Chair Standard regulation. So the harness is no longer a removable part of the Baby Set like in the past. 

Disadvantage. If you are not comfortable using a baby set for a child older than 2 years, but you still need a harness, you will have to order them separately. The price of it is incomparably high.

A separate harness

Overall Impression

Summarizing my impressions from the Stokke high chair, I would say that this chair creates a feeling of a durable, non-toxic product of top-quality, which is thought out to the last detail.


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