June 24, 2021

Best Travel Bottle Warmer In 2020

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When it comes to satisfying a cranky, hungry baby, a cold bottle of milk is never going to get the job done. If you love your child, of course, you strive to provide them with only the best care at all times. It can be challenging to provide for them effectively while you’re away from home, however. Fortunately, you can make sure they always have warm milk quite easily; all you need is to use one of the best travel bottle warmer products.

Just because it’s hard to keep up with every single demand doesn’t mean you aren’t a capable parent. When it comes to making sure your baby can enjoy a nice warm bottle of milk at any time, a simple warmer will more than do the trick. Best of all, they’re affordable and incredibly easy to use! If you’re not sure where to start, here are three of the baby travel bottle warmer options currently available.

The Best Travel Bottle Warmer

1. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Portable Travel Baby Bottle Warmer


Tommee Tippee’s bottle and food warmer is a cost-effective means of making sure your baby never has to settle for something cold. This is also a true “on the go” product; you don’t even need electricity to get it to work! You can also heat everything from formula to baby food, not just milk. The included thermal flask will also ensure anything you’ve warmed will retain its heat for a more extended time.

Best of all, Tommee Tippee has continued its dedication to manufacturing the safest products possible. There are no phthalates to worry about here, and the material used is, of course, completely BPA free. In the end, this is a well-made product with an incredibly attractive price point. The portability and thermal functionality alone make it a serious contender for one of the best baby bottle warmers.


2. Innobaby Aquaheat Bottle Warmer

This travel bottle warmer set by Innobaby will get warm baby’s milk while you’re on the go. Aqua heat suggests a safe and straightforward decision for heating baby bottles without power.  Put an Aqua heat pack in the base and fill a little water to activate. Replenish the bottle with milk and let Aqua heat work.

At a restaurant, in the car, or on an outing, you can warm your little one’s milk to the proper temperature with power free bottle warmer in as little as two minutes.

The bottle is made of the highest quality, food-grade 304 stainless steel (18/10 stainless). It is BPA free, Phthalate free, lead-free, and PVC free.

3. Dr. Brown’s Baby Bottle Warmer


As a primary brand name, it should be no surprise that this Dr. Brown model will set you back a little bit more. In the grand scheme, that’s still reasonably affordable! What do you get for that price point, however?

This is less of an “on the go” warmer than the options above, but you should still consider grabbing one to keep at home. Even if you’re spending the day in, bottles can easily get a bit chilly. This Dr. Brown warmer is an electric model that fits a wide variety of different sized bottles. It heats entirely by steam, and you can warm up several bottles before you ever have to refill the water. This is a great way to help you save on those ever-increasing water bills! Beyond that, it only works like a charm, and nothing less should be expected from the always excellent Dr. Brown.


Benefits of Using Bottle Warmers

Bottle warmer are ideal for all parents. The following are the benefits that come with investing in a baby bottle warmer.

  • It helps retain your baby’s milk or food at a consistent temperature: You shouldn’t give a young baby cold milk to prevent stomach upsets. In this, you must give them warm milk and foo in the right temperatures so that it also does not burn the child. Looking at this, a bottle warmer is the ideal equipment that will meet this requirement. This is because they come with timers or are designed to have the ideal temperature to ensure it heats just right.
  • They also prevent the occurrence of hot spots: For parents who use the microwave or other methods of heating, their baby’s milk and food tend to heat the milk and food unevenly. This is because the heat contact with the foods is uneven, and as it turns, it becomes unbearable.
  • It is time-saving with the ability to warm food and milk fast: Bottle warmers can warm your baby’s milk and food quickly within just a few minutes or even under a minute. This is as opposed to using a microwave, which, when in use, requires that you keep testing the temperature. However, with the help of a bottle warmer, you can be sure that you will be working with the right temperatures, and once it is ready, it is suitable for use.
  • They allow for convenience as you can use them even when on the move: Bottle warmers make it convenient for mothers who are on the action, and rather than risk giving your baby cold food or milk, they are easy to carry around. This is better than using a thermos or having the thought of carrying around a microwave.
  • They are easy to use: There is nothing as troublesome as watching your baby cry in hunger. With a bottle warmer, any parent can easily use it, and due to its speeds, you no longer have to wait to get anything done before you can feed your baby.

How to Pick The Best Bottler Warmer

There are several bottle warmer products in the market and it is therefore important that you are able to make the right decision when you are picking the right bottle warmer to meet your needs and objectives. They come in different shapes and sizes and it is evident that it can be confusing to shop around for one. The following guide will help you to pick the right bottle warmer.

1. Safety

Safety is very important for every parent. In this, look for a bottle warmer that comes with automatic shut off so that you can be sure that the temperatures are just right when warming milk and/or food while at the same time ensuring that it serves you in the long-term. This is because this feature prevents the occurrence of overheating especially if you are still attending to the baby elsewhere. In addition, ensure that your warmer has the ability to retain warmth so that your baby’s milk does not go cold immediately.

2. Ease of using the equipment

When seeking to make your lifestyle and that of your baby easier, it is best that you work with a bottle warmer that is easy to use. Imagine having to prepare the food or milk and having to prepare pans and pots to warm the food. This is time-consuming and your baby will have been tired from crying. This is not only disturbing for your baby but for you as well. Before looking at all features, it is therefore important to ensure that you can also look at the ease of use. This will allow you to work fast as you fully understand how to use it.

3. Easy to clean

It is vital that you can easily clean your baby warmer frequently so that your baby remains hygienically healthy as well as safe. Besides, regular cleaning will help to ensure that the equipment serves you in the long-term. This is because every time you wash it, the minerals that are contained in water may turn dangerous. In this, you can look at features such as the number of parts that comprise the unit. This is because the less the number of elements, the easier it is to clean.

4. Your available space for storage

Depending on the available space at home, then you must consider purchasing one that will fit your unit to ensure that you can use it with convenience and efficiency.

5. Portability

One of the key benefits of a bottle warmer is that it serves as a convenient source of warming your baby’s milk or food. In this, you will be looking at factors such as its dimensions as well as its shape so that it can fit into your travel bag.

6. Added features

Depending on your needs and objectives, you can look out for added features to meet your objectives. You can look for added features such as a night light, a warming basket, or a cooler.


Whether you’re on a shopping trip or perhaps out visiting relatives, making sure you have all of the supplies you need to take care of your baby in a pinch is almost always a challenge. After all, there’s only so much room available in tote bags, carriers, and carriage compartments! Keeping your baby’s milk warm doesn’t have to be a massive production, however. With one of these warmers from Tommee Tippee, Innobaby Aquaheat, or Dr. Brown, you can provide a more enjoyable bottle of milk or formula at pretty much any time. Some parents have even opted to buy all three since they each fulfill specific tasks so well!

Everyone wants their baby to be comfortable and content at all times. Having access to something nice and warm to drink or eat is a big part of that. If you’ve been blanking on how to get the job done while you’re out and about, these baby bottle warmers are absolutely the way to go.

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